Monday, September 22, 2014


September 3, 2014

 This week has been very fun! I've started to get used to the MTC life and of the new changes I've had to make. I am super excited because John - I mean Elder Nelson is here at the MTC and it's so fun to be able to have Elder Motzkus and Elder Nelson here! It has been such a blessing to have my friends engaging into this work! This week the other elders got locked out of their apartment, we have gotten 2 new investigators, and I still am not fluent in Spanish, haha but it will Eventually come... Hopefully
It's good to hear about the family! Glad everyone is having fun and enjoying life! And tell Dad and Erin that I have loved the packages and so have all of the people in my district, getting bagels from Elder Wards mom is their most favorite thing ever, and they all say thank you so much!!! I hope Nate hasn't crashed the jeep yet!!! haha Just kidding, I'm sure he's doing fine. And tell Joshie to keep holding on! I am so proud of him that he got to the championship! Well I love you and the whole fam so much!!! Talk to ya next week!

Elder Ward

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