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August 16, 2014
My P-Day isn't until Wednesday so hopefully you guys get this before then.  I wanted to fill you in about everything that has been going on here at the MTC.  I am staying at the MTC West campus.  My companion's name is Elders Donnelly and he is from Alabama.  We had four elders in our room but now we are down to three.  So now I am in a trio with Elder Blake, Elder Donnelly and myself.  There are 9 people in our district -  me, Elders Donnelly, Blake,  Ledbetter, Bunkall, Alexander, Rawlins. Hermanas Creager & McDougal.
I miss you guys so much everyday I am here but then I think about what I am doing here and who I am trying to be more like.  Yes it is hard and I still have no idea about Spanish and how to start to even learn it, but I have learned that I just need to try my best and the Lord will help me with the rest.  Sadly I don't think I have really applied that to my actions but hopefully I will soon because it is really hard to do much of anything here without the Lord's help.  Especially when I think about everything I left behind.
I love you all so much and hope you are all doing as well as can be.

Elder Spencer Craig Ward

August 20, 2014

Ok so today is my official P-Day and I get one hour to be on the computer.  I wish I would have brought my journal to the computer so I could remember everything that has happened in the MTC. Ok so the normal schedule for me is this.

wake up, eat, sacrament service, lunch, class time and then a devotional in the night.

Monday (Regular Day), Thursday, Friday, Saturday
wake up, eat, classroom, lunch, classroom, dinner, classroom, sleep

Usually during one of the classroom times we teach an investigator.  At the moment, my trio (Elders Donnelly and Blake and myself) are teaching an investigator by the name of Miquel Angel.  I'm not sure if these investigators are fake or not, but I have a hunch they are fake.  But I am still dedicating time to plan lessons for him and I pray everyday that I might say something to him that will help him to feel the spirit, and that is really hard because he is seriously stubborn.

everything is the same as Monday, except for that after dinner we have another devotional and those are at the main MTC campus

Wednesday (P-Day)
wake up at 5:30, do a service project, go to the temple, eat lunch, write emails, do laundry, dinner, then classroom

I can't wait for the calender to come.  It's going to be so awesome to look at that and count all the days I am serving the Lord.  The language is hard.  I can still barely speak it but it is coming.  I could comfortably say a simple prayer and testimony on the second day, but the grammar is coming slow.
The first couple of days are so hard, it's hard to adjust to this lifestyle but I'm sure that in another week or two I will never want to leave.  I love you all!  Talk to ya in a week!

Elder Ward
My humble abode

My Desk

My district and teacher

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