Monday, August 3, 2015


This week was so awesome!! we had two awesome things happen!  On Monday we got to watch Despicable Me as a district!! and then we had a baptism this last weekend!!! WOOHOO!!

So on Monday we got to watch the movie Despicable Me! We bought a bunch of soda, popcorn and empanadas, and just chowed dooooooown.  It was good to relax a little bit.  
Then our investigator  had her interview with President Thurgood this last Wednesday and when she got out she was just bawling... I was like oh crap she isn´t getting baptized this week. But then President goes up to her husband and tells him that his wife with be an amazing member!  She was bawling from happiness I guess.   The baptism was on Saturday.  I made two carrot cakes the day before with a cream cheese frosting.   And yes everyone was asking for the recipe.  Everyone loved my cake, haha wassup.  

The day started with us in the capilla waiting for the font to fill up.  It takes about three hours here, luckily not too much time.  In lobos it was about 7 hours.  We waited for people to start to show up and everyone got there about 6:30.  There were so many people there!   Way better outcome then the last baptism we had!   There was at least 30-40 people that came.  We started out with 2 talks and then went to the baptism. Elder Cortez baptized her one and done, no problem.  After the baptism we had everyone go sit in the chapel and the missionaries sang "Nearer My God to Thee", it sounded pretty awesome.  Then her husband got up to bear his testimony, it was such an earth shaking testimony.  He talked about how ever since he was a kid his mom had brought him to church, she was a super faithful member.  She died when he was about 15 so he stopped going to church.  Him and his wife got together about 4 years ago and they were happy but they fought a ton.  But then the elders started coming into their home.  The elders left commitments, and they completed those commitments. he said that the elders saved their marriage and are so happy now.  They can´t even remember the last fight they had.  He was happy because he knew that he was starting on the path again that would lead him to live with his mom for every in the eternities and is excited to be sealed in a year in the temple for all time and eternity. Whoa. Cool stuff right?


Well that was pretty much my week!  This next Friday we will be finding out the transfers and if we have any! The transfers happen next Monday in the morning and if we have changes then you won't hear from me until Monday evening.  
Have a good week and see ya later!!

Elder Ward

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