Monday, August 31, 2015


Hola Everyone!!

Well this week started with my comp cutting  my hair... REALLY SHORT.  Now you can see my scar that I got from cutting my head open when I went surfing with the Shields.

We had a meeting with the mission president on Wednesday from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening... My mind just wanted to explode.. I learned so much stuff, luckily I was writing stuff down because he literally talked 8 hours. You can definitely tell that he was a religion teacher at BYU Idaho for 36 years. We mainly talked about working with members and applying the atonement to missionary work.

To prepare for the training,  we were assigned to read all of the scriptures in the Scripture guides about the atonement and wrote 5 sentences about the atonement that we learned. I didn't bring those sentences with me but pretty much I learned that the atonement revolves around a law that God brought down. With this law we can obey, or we can disobey. There is also a consequence for obeying or disobeying this law.  Those that complete this law are rewarded and those that disobey are punished. The rewards and the punishments are to fulfill Justice. And to get to the kingdom of God we need that ¨Criminal Record¨to be completely clean. Which is impossible, without some form of mercy. Something that completes the demands of Justice and Mercy completely, and that is the Atonement.

This week we were walking a lot because we have been trying to build up our bank of investigators but we just didn't really have any success... BUT! We had a lot of lessons with members asking them for references, and we have a lot of good possibilities to start teaching! But other then that it was a pretty long week of nothing much happening. But this next week we are going to have a ton of miracles happen! We are gonna go to these references that we have and we are going to baptize all of them!! WOO!

 We are my comp are doing great.  We get along super well! We are super good friends luckily, haha sometimes it´s hard to understand him cause he just throws some random Portuguese words in his sentences, haha but what ya gonna do, he´s still learning the language.

Don't worry I feel safe! I have the protection of angels!! I feel like I am obedient so that makes me feel even safer! And yes, haha, if we are obeying the rules in the missionary handbook (which I am doing) we are being careful and smart, like varying our routes that we walk, walking not too slow, not resisting if someone robs us, so yeah, just little things like that! But they keep us super safe!
Not much happens on P-Days.  Eat, Sleep... and Play soccer if we have district or zone activities, cause there isn´t really much to do over here in Laferrere, it´s just all stores and houses. Nothing too exciting, haha.  I did burn a shirt for my hump day.  It was a dirty shirt that wasn't mine and no one wanted it.  

Well that was pretty much what i learned these past couple weeks while i was preparing for the training. But i hope that we can all apply the atonement a little better, we can always be better and we can always apply the atonement, it will always be there! Love you all and i hope you have a good week!

Elder Ward

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