Monday, August 10, 2015


Well Elder Cortez got transferred! And I am going to be training!! Por fin! I am so excited to train someone! It is going to be so fun! So yeah I am super excited!!

Transfers in the South mission are way different.  Only a few missionaries go to the transfer meeting. We go to the capilla in Banfield (a city) look for our companion, and then leave. It was super short, and it takes up P-Day, so the longer you stay talking to people the shorter your P-Day is, haha.

It has been raining for the past couple days! And everything is Flooded!!! It is super crazy! I wanted to take a picture last night but you couldn't even see the water line since it was so dark.

This last Sunday our investigator got confirmed!! She was so excited and so happy that she got confirmed! That was one miracle we had - her confirmation.  We also had 3 more super miracles yesterday!

1. We were close to a less actives house and I told my comp we should go stop by, he didn't think we should because there was a bunch of mud and we would get all dirty.  I insisted and he said alright. We went and she was there!! She is never in her house! She is always working and we haven`t been able to find her since the first week I have been here! We had a super good lesson with her and her 2 daughters and they all said they would come to Church this next week for sure!

2. Every single time we entered in a house the past couple days it starts to rain, and every time we go to the streets it stops raining... It was pretty awesome!

3. We were waiting for a taxi (just like a super ghetto car that isn`t legal but it`s the only transportation we have) and 45 minutes had passed by. We have to be in the pench at 9:30 because that`s the rule, and at this point it started raining... HARD. A bus driver stopped by and told us that the taxis weren't stopping by because all the streets were flooded.  He offered to take us to the train station (close to our house) so we accepted. It was already 9:35 when he said he would take us. We talked to him for a bit while he was taking us to the station and gave him a Book of Mormon and everything.  Then he told us, ya know I am feeling good tonight. I`ll just take you to your house! He told us that he was for sure going to read the book and go to the church that was nearest to his house to find the missionaries! Hope he get`s baptized!

So I gotta say that it was a pretty good week. We had a lot of good stuff happen and I definitely felt the love of my God. I am so blessed!!

Love you all so much and hope you have a good week!

Elder Ward

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