Monday, August 24, 2015


Ok. So the mission president has really stressed on the fact that we need to work with members. And I  think that we have been applying that fairly well here. Especially in the reference sides. We have 5 members that have told us about families that have asked them about their church and that want to listen to the missionaries, and this week we have planned to visit all of them! It is going to be so awesome. Seriously working with the members is the best way to do missionary work. We are also going to go out with a kid that is our age.  Heis preparing for a mission  so we went looking for some YSA´s that are less actives (recently just got called as the ward YSA leader) and we are having meetings with the leaders of the ward and they are giving each organization 5 names so we are just super excited this week. We will have a lot of success and it is going to be so awesome!

I got robbed again, but I wasn't going to tell you but.... I don´t know how you do it. But every single times it happens you just happen to ask the Monday after... Must be your motherly intuition. Haha so yes.  The weather is super weird.  One day it's cold and the other is hot...So I can't ever tell when I need my jacket.  The members do feed us in this area  so yes I am well feed.  Sadly, haha cause I am wanting to lose weight! I only have a year to look some what skinny again!  I love the South mission.  It just feels totally the same, just different faces!!

Yesterday we didn´t have a ton of people some to our ward and it kindof bummed out the leaders and everyone there. Then the Bishop came flying in with so much excitement and it was awesome! We seriously need to be helping other people to be excited to bring not only new people to the church, but also people that have fallen away! Like it says in D&C 18:10 ¨Remember, the worth of soul is great in the sight of God¨. And that is so true, all souls have the same worth is God´s eyes, and we should be thinking like that too!

Yesterday we were walking to a member´s house to have a lesson with some recent converts, and we felt prompted to knock on a door. So we knocked (clapped).  No answer. We clapped a second time. We were about to leave and then we thought, na, one more time wouldn´t hurt. So we did, and after that a lady that is married (hard to find a married family in ALL of Argentina, most families these days just get together).  The have 2 kids and just recently returned to her church. Well we couldn´t teach  that day because she busy, but we gave her a restoration pamphlet and are coming back Satudray!! It just always get´s me. When people accept us I just feel such a joy! I couldn´t stop smiling after. Then my comp asked me...
 ¨Did you write down the direction?¨
 ¨No... You?¨
 ¨Uhhh... No¨
 ¨Uhh aren´t you supposed to show me how to be a good missionary?¨
 ¨... Maybe¨

Haha but anyways, everyone makes mistakes right? Especially me, haha. 

Well that was our week! Hope you all have a good one and I will be talking to ya next week!

Elder Ward

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