Monday, July 27, 2015


This Week wasn´t too eventful. But we did go to the temple again!!! I also found people from Neuquen there, so I sent a letter for Elder Motzkus with them!! We´ll see if that gets to him, haha, I have faith. The temple was awesome as ever. We had some families come for the first time and they just Marveled when they sat in the visiting wing of the temple. They were just left with awe. They loved it so much! Hopefully that motivates them to get baptized!!  I took a bunch of pictures of the temple.  I just love that place so much.  Some of my photos look professional! Tell Kate Bushell to look out! I might give her a run for her money!! haha

On Sunday I also gave a talk about Missionary Work! And I talked a lot about how the missionaries can´t do ANYTHING without the help of the members! The Church will NOT GROW unless members help out the Missionaries! So give them references! Have a Family Night with a 
non-member family and invite the missionaries to share something! There are so many things that we can do to help this Church Grow! And they are so simple! 

So HELP THE MISSIONARIES! I promise they don´t bite... Only when you help them! Haha Have a good week! And I hope that everyone had Fun in Cali that went! Love you all!!

Elder Ward

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