Monday, July 6, 2015


Farewell to the Buenos Aires West Mission - Elder Ward is on the very back row in the center

The New Buenos Aires South Mission Boundaries

So these 2 past weeks (sorry for not writing last week) Have been FULL of a lot of stuff! First we went to the temple 2 Thursday`s ago, then the following Friday we had a BAPTISM!!! This last week we changed missions.  On Tuesday we had our goodbye with the Robertson family in their house, had a testimony meeting and ate some food! Then on Thursday we met our new Mission President, his name is Pres. Thurgood, and he`s awesome. He was a religion professor at BYU - Idaho and knows a lot of stuff about the gospel. I am super excited to be able to serve under him! SO that`s pretty awesome.

President and Sister Thurgood

A drunk came into the church during an activity, it was my comps birthday last week, I have eaten at least 6 cakes, annnnd I got robbed. I will spare the details, haha, but nothing bad happened. They only got my cell phone and 10 pesos.  So that is just a fun week right there! I tell ya nothing is ever boring while you are a missionary. 

Teaching wise this week we have two families that we are focusing on. They both have an inactive Husband and the wife isn't a member. One of them really wants to be baptized but can`t yet because they aren't married.  We are just waiting for a call from somebody so that they can get the divorce over with and get the marriage going! The other one doesn't want to because she is scared of what her mom will think... Even though she is 36 years old. But that`s ok! We just have to keep teaching with the spirit and she will realize what is more important! 

Something that the South mission is doing together is studying the Attributes of Christ in Preach My Gospel. And it is Awesome, I invite everyone to read them. It is so amazing to be able to study how Christ is and how we should be. 

Well love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Ward

P.S. So jealous, haha looks like the parade was a complete success! Glad to see that you guys are havin fun!! and Welcome Home Sarah!!!!

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