Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dear People.

First off I have three shout outs.

Happy Birthday to... The best little sister ever ERIN!!! And the best cousin ever JAKE!!!!

And a happy father`s day to the studliest dad that a son could ask for!

So this week was pretty good. Yesterday was the best of them all but I'll get to that later...

So this week I got to finally make waffles in Argentina. I told a member that I made waffles before the mission, this family was baptized in December. We passed by a couple days later and she had bought a waffle iron just so that I could cook them for the family... I was so surprised!  So I showed them and they loved them! Now every time I see one of the kids of the family he is just dying to know when I am coming by to make waffles again... Maybe I should just Waffles de Sabado (Saturday`s Waffles) here!

This last week me and my comp had a hard time finding new people to teach for some reason. We were trying really hard to hit our goal of find 6 new people to teach. Almost every day of the week we had no success. Monday through Saturday we found only 1 new person. On Sunday we said a prayer that we might be able to find some more people to teach. That day right after Church we had lunch with some investigators to celebrate father`s day, we had an asado (the BBQ of Argentina) and as we were there we had his daughter and her family come in and eat with us unexpectedly! We taught them a little bit and found out that they live really far away, but in 1 or 2 weeks they are moving into our area! They were really receptive and have a lot of desires to go to church this next week! There were 4 people that counted as an actual new, but they had 2 kids under 8 years, so I counted that as an answer to our prayers! I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord!

And yesterday we had the opportunityto go to the temple. It was so awesome. Seriously love going to the temple, I regret not going more before I left. Because now we can`t go whenever we want and I am getting temple withdrawal!! I had some really cool experiences in the temple yesterday. Haha I'm not gonna share them, but I'll just say that my testimony of receiving revelation in the temple is a lot stronger. Then we had a family night with the whole mission and the Hermana Robertson talked a lot about how we should have a stronger faith and caracter (I can`t remember how to spell it - haha).

I am going to the South mission this next week! As in I will still be in LaFerrere but it will be part of the south mission!  I am not really sad, the majority of my mission buddies are coming with me, except for everyone that was in my MTC group, and Elder Alexander, but I will definitely see most of them after the mission, I think all of them are gonna go to BYU after the mish.
Well love you all! A challenge for the week would be to go to the temple with your family or a session with those that can! Have a good week!!

Elder Ward

P.S.  Sorry no pictures this week.  I could not find my camera in the pench.  But don't worry I know it is in there.  I don`t really use it too much outside of the pench here because it`s pretty dangerous, haha so yeah

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