Monday, June 8, 2015


Transfer Day was crazy!!  We woke up at 5, packed a little bit more, took a taxi over to the mission offices, saw the slide show of the transfers to see where people were going, and then we left! I have been sent to the area called LaFerrere.  My comp`s name is Elder Cortez and he is from Chile, he has been out 6 months, and he`s awesome! He is done with his training but I have been made senior companion.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of him before we got to the ciber, haha oops, but for sure a photo next week!

I think I will be going to the South mission, but I am fine with it, haha it`s the mision igual (same mission)! No worries!

La Ferrere, it is pretty poor, none of the streets are paved and most of the houses are just made of bricks and not painted or anything. But I am excited! Humble people means a lot of baptisms!!!

The new ward is pretty awesome, there are like 80 people that go every week and are like 400 members that are on the records.  This happens a lot in South America, lots of less actives. There
are 4 missionaries in the ward, and the bishop seems like a stud! I am super stoked to be working in this ward and I know that there will be a LOT of miracles that happen here.

My last days in Villa Madero were good.  We just went and visited people that I wanted to say goodbye too.  I was sad to leave the Famila M****** but it is ok because I know that I  will be seeing them in April this next year at their sealing!!! BOOYAH!  It is always sad to leave but I am glad to be in another area to meet more people and to change more lives!

Well not much else happened this week.  Something cool about my area is that there is a MCDONALDS IN IT!!! Heck yeah! Been way too long since I have been there! Haha, but sadly it`s super expensive, more then the states!

Also there is a club right across the street from our new pench... And sleeping on the weekends is pretty much impossible... These are all the `Zombies` After Saturday night clubbin.... The worst was on Sunday morning when we went looking for investigators and all the drunks were out... Yeah that wasn`t too fun, haha.

Well that`s about it! I love you all and hope that I have a little more to say to ya next week! Haha see ya!

Elder Ward

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