Monday, June 15, 2015


Hello Family!

Exciting news for the week is that we found a huge family to teach!!!  The dad is a member and he has 10 kids. He always wants us to come over to eat in the night, so that`s pretty awesome!

Things are going great with my new companion!!  He's a stud!!  It's a little weird leading things because I am the senior companion but luckily I don`t do more then he does, he`s is great and knows a lot of stuff.

Elder Cortez, me and the other two elders in our ward.
The club by our house is such a problem... the music is really really loud during the weekends... Luckily I had some spare ear plugs on hand, without them I cannot sleep.

The Club

It's getting cold... Really cold... And it hasn't even hit the dead of winter yet!!  The thing that stinks is that during the day it`s really hot, and during the night it`s really cold, so I have to lug around my giant jacket everywhere during the day, haha I am hoping that no one steals it!  I am also using my sleeping bag at night to try and keep warm.

Our pench is huge!! And it's awesome because we have a WASHING MACHINE!!! That`s unheard of here.  There are hundreds of penches and only a couple that have them... So I guess we lucked out! We also have a huge grill, two full bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and 4 BEDROOMS!
This week we are going to have a baptism on FRIDAY!! I AM SO PUMPED! Her name is B and she is awesome! She is my age and loves the gospel, the missionaries found her through a recent convert. 

We also have another family that we are working with. We are going to set a baptism date with her today. Her husband is a less active and they both just barely started wanting to go back to church. and they always give me my favorite drink that`s called Malta.  I'll send a picture of the package, like I said it is Mormon coffee.

Well that`s about it! My advice for this week would be to talk to someone you know and invite them over to your house to listen to the missionaries. I personally have not felt a greater Joy than the joy I feel when I see someone accept the Gospel!  And please have my good ol' Grandpa Ward in your prayers!! He really needs it!

And a shout out to my favorite little sister Erin for her Birthday this week!! I love you so much and I will be thinking about you that entire day!!!

Well see ya'll later!

Elder Ward

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