Monday, July 13, 2015


This week we had a super sweet patriotic festival or something... We got a bunch of food and it was good so I'm not complaining. It was called Locro. It`s a like a soup that has just a bit of everything. 
And it was in a GIANT pot. 

Pot of Locro

This week we had a family come to church!! They have 6 kids that are under the age of 10... The were kids running everywhere during the sacrament meeting which was hilarious! The parents were so happy! We have been working with them for 2 or 3 weeks and it was super awesome to see them in the chapel finally!! They are waiting for a call from a lawyer for the divorce of the dad and his first wife so that they can get married and the mom can be baptized!! We are super excited to see that happen! We think that she will be baptized in August.

And for this week that was about it! We didn't have too much happen. A lot of walking and a lot of people not answering their doors because it is cold haha. But we had a lot of lessons with less actives and the recent converts luckily!

The whether is getting colder. Not too bad. But the coldest time is at the end of July, beginning of August. sooo yeah. But the pench doesn`t get too cold because we have heaters and all that Jazz. 

The only difference in the South mission is that this Mission President is putting a lot of trust is us. He doesn't ask for ANY numbers. Only the attendance that we have Sunday and the baptisms we have. The rest he doesn`t want. But that`s pretty much it. I don`t think it's better or worse just different. 

P-Days are pretty boring. Today we are going to Walmart but other than that we haven`t done anything fun so far. haha there isn`t anything to really do here but play sports and we can`t do that unless we have a district activity or zone activity and that`s like 1 or 2 times every 6 weeks.  

They have told me that my release date will be July 12, 2016 which was 1 year from yesterday!!  I can`t believe it!  I screamed a little bit yesterday when I realized it... The mission is too short!!

We can`t extend. President said only if we have a really good reason to extend. But if the reason is because we want to serve more time. He doesn`t give it. Something that he told us that Boyd K. Packer told him is that they want to leave the missionaries wanting more. So that when we come home we keep dong missionary work!! 

Well that`s about it from me! Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Ward

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