Monday, January 26, 2015



 Well I know about transfers.. and I´m leaving!!! I am so sad! I love it here in Lobos! This is the best area in the whole mission! But I am willing to go where ever the Lord wants me to go. So hopefully he puts me somewhere good! I am sad to leave but am very excited to go to my new area!

 Our investigators got baptized!!!!   It was such an insane and crazy hour and a half before the baptism you have no idea... so here we go... SO the baptism was supposed to be at 7 and we waited to abput 7:30 and then started to get worried.  So we called them like a million times and they didn´t answer.  After a while they finally called us and told us that something bad happened and they neded to fix it, and that they were still going to come. So after that we were just freakin out, we hopped into the car of a member and bolted it over to their house. When we showed up they weren´t there and it was just bad, so all three of us, me my comp and the Young men´s pres, all kneeled down and said a prayer, asking that everything would be ok, after the prayer we got a call from the hermanas that they just got to the church! We booked it back to the church to find out that the wife had fallen on the moto again (she fell 2 weeks ago) and that it was a bad burn AND she had a cast that couldn´t get wet... Satan was working so hard on this poor lady it just wasn´t funny. But she practically just gave satan a punch to the face, she cleaned up a little, put a plastic bag over the cast and said she was ready. After we started the baptism, everything from there just went perfctly. It was such an amazing experience and I was so happy to be able to be a part of their baptism! And I was so happy to be apart of this MIRACLE!! BOOYAH!

My comp is just a stud, I am super sad to leave him because we are just good buds and I have learned so much from him on how I can be a good missionary. We might play basketball today! I am crossin my fingers so hard because i wanna play a sport so bad!!!!

Well this week there were 2 other things that happened that I thought were awesome. So we were visiting a less active at his house and we are in the middle of the lesson when his friend claps at the door (yes, Argentina claps in front of the persons house instead of knocks on the door, sorry if I haven´t said that yet, haha) , so he went to go answer the door, and when his friend saw us he said (in spanish obviously) Hey! I have been looking for you guys everywhere! I wanna get baptized! So we did not deny a request like that! Sat him down, gave him a baptismal date for the 1st of march. And he was just raring to go! And to show us his gratitude he sang us a song...he was a super good singer!

So the other miracle was we were trying to find an old investigator, so we went to her house and she had moved, the family that had moved in said that she just moved around the corner to go live with her parents for a little bit. So we went to go clap the door, the old investigators dad invites us in and their WHOLE family is there, so we start talking to them and they are all super curious about our church. So we taught them the restoration, and here´s the miracle... THEY ALL UNDERSTOOD IT! And were engaged in the lesson and asking questions ans it was just the best! Just to give you a perspective on how awesome that is my comp who is just about to finish his 2 years, has only had that happen to him one other time on his mission.. Yeah... It was awesome. So you could say it was a pretty good week!

Well I love all of you and hope that you all have such a lovely week and I can´t wait to tell you about my new comp, and area!!!

 Elder Ward

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