Monday, January 5, 2015


Feliz Nuevo Año!!

Hope you all are just doing dandy and setting some sick ill nasty goals for this next year!! Because I got one, to be in Argentina for ONE WHOLE CALENDAR YEAR!!! I am so excited for this year!! It is going to be awesome to just have it filled with miracles and all that good stuff! I hope you are all enjoying the snow over there in Utah, cause I miss it so much!!! I just want Argentina to be a little cooler, but oh well, haha probably won´t get my wish for a couple months. But annnnnyways. I pretty much started the year like I started the year last year. Sitting in my bed sick, haha so I laughed so hard when I turned the page of my calender and saw the picture of my broken face because I  had a little repeat. I didn´t break my face, but I did puke my guts out for like 3 days and didn´t drink or eat anything because anything I ate or drank came right back up almost instantly. so that was fun! Hopefully I lost a little weight from that, haha. Because I am still a little chubby. So that´s fun....

But in other news I got a new companion! His name is Elder Pennington and he is from Oregon and is a total grandpa in the mission because he only has 2 transfers left including this one. I had a ´flash´ and sadly I had to lose Elder Young. He was a stud and we were getting along super well , and even got a baptism in the short time we were together. But Elder Pennington and I will work some miracles too. He really likes to be obedient so I guess I will learn a thing or too from this guy!

Elder Pennington, Hermana Ramos, Hermana House, Elder Ward

We also got to go to the temple this week! It was super amazing but super weird because it was all in spanish, and it was just a little stressful for me, haha I was sweating bullets, but all in all it was an awesome experience and am excited to do it next Christmas! AND I GOT A CAMERA SO I COULD TAKE SO PICTURES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BUILDING!!!!!! I am so excited I finally got a camera and am now able to take pictures!!! booyah!

Yeah so that´s all that really happened because I was sick in bed most of the week. Luckily now I feel better! Have no idea what happened or why but luckily it is over! Because I was SOOO HUNGRY!! But yeah! It was a good week though! Thank all of you for your support that you give me and for all of the prayers that are said in my behalf! I can and always do feel the strength from those prayers! Love you all so much!

Elder Ward

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