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The baptism at first was super stressful. First, the ladies showed up like 2 hours early, at like 3 and the baptism was at like 5. So we just had to let them sit in the chapel while we tried to do other preparations because there is a missionary rule that we can`t be in a house with women unless there is another man there. So then as 5 rolls around no one else shows up, not the 2nd counselor, not the people doing the baptism. NADA. So then we went home to get our baptism clothes because we were planning on members doing the baptism. We grabbed the clothes and when we came back EVERYBODY was there, in a matter of like five minutes (because we live really close to the church).  Everybody showed up and it was SUCH a blessing and a MIRACLE! Yeah we started an hour late but other than that the baptism went perfectly! So yeah it was a super fun day!  My comp said that`s pretty much how every baptism goes here in Argentina, so I am very excited for more stressful days!!!  The feeling afterwards was so awesome!  Especially after confirming people the next day!  Elder young and I got to do the confirmations, and it was just amazing. It is an indescribable feeling to bring people to this gospel!  I can definitely tell you that it is a feeling of extreme joy!!!  Just a whole lot of other feelings too. but man was this an awesome weekend!

The Lobos Rama (Branch)

It was so great to talk to the fam on Christmas!!  Just so good to see everyone!!  The rest of the day was pretty basic.  We just went out proselyting, we finished cleaning the font and went on our way teaching other people! 
We stopped by our investigators house just to make extra sure that they were ready for their baptism. But yeah, it was just a good ol' regular day!

Baptismal Font
Christmas Eve was really when we celebrated Christmas I guess.  We had dinner at a members house and we were allowed to stay out till 10:30, if we had a car ride home (usual curfew is 9 or 9:30) And we just had a giant fest of some super good chicken called pollo al disco. So yeah, nothing too exciting!

We have a short p-day today because we are going to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. The Buenos Aires temple is soooo beautiful, and it is just going to be a dandy time to have my first session in spanish... I am actually super nervous, haha but we`ll see how it goes!

Buenos Aires Temple
Well nothing much else exciting happened besides the preparations for the baptism. I went on exchanges with my zone leader because he had to give our investigators interviews to see if we taught them everything well. And then our other investigators totally promised to go to church but they didn`t!! We stopped by to see why they didn`t come and he said that he stayed up till like 6 in the morning for a reason that he wouldn`t tell us... So yeah! But it was a super awesome week! FINALLY GOT MY FIRST TWO BAPTISMS! CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY NEXT ONES!!! Oh, and these past couple days have been the hottest days of my life. it has been pretty terrible. there is just always sweat on my face because of the humidity. So yeah, haha

Love you all so much!!!

Elder Ward

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