Monday, December 15, 2014


Hello Fam!

This past weekend we had stake conference! So that meant a lot of traveling for the Rama (district) of  Lobos!  We all hopped in a combi (little bus, like a shuttle) and headed out for 3 hours each way to the stake center! Both yesterday and Saturday! That was actually super fun. I love this rama so much!  They are all just super awesome and love the gospel so much!   It is growing so fast and the work here just keeps getting better and better the longer I am here!  You asked me about the size of  Lobos.  It is really small. It is probably comparable to... something like Kamas, haha. This little campo town isn´t very big.

Stake conference was cool. We went to both sessions and I didn't understand everything, but luckily the conference was about missionary work so I could understand a fairly big chunk! Our mission president and his wife talked both days and it was super awesome! they are so sweet and i am extremely glad that they are my mission presidents! I feel bad for anyone who isn´t a missionary under them or President and Sister Felix! Best two missions in the world right there!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Don´t think I forgot about that! Hope that your birthday was awesome and I am jealous because you probably got chocolate covered raisins and I am DYING to eat some of those!  They are too expensive here for missionaries, haha. 

This week we started teaching an abuela (grandma) of a recent convert who is 11.  He is a stud!  He brought his abuela to church without anyone telling him too!  He is going to be such a good missionary!   His abuela loves the gospel so much! She wants to start inviting ALL of her friends to her house to hear our lessons. and I mean ALL of them! This week she said she talked to like 10 people and told them to come and listen and I think some will probably come!! I am super excited for that! This week our investigators are getting married on the 18th! I am so excited for them! They are super awesome and I can´t believe their faith! They want a baptism in their lives so bad! Oh man that guy is just a stud!

Transfers are this week. I do not think that me or my comp will get transferred this week. But we will see!! I really hope I don´t, I love it here in Lobos so much! And I have a lot of plans here for Christmas and baptisms!  We will go to the mission office on Wednesday in Ramos Mejía.    This time is different because we are having a big Christmas party, so everyone goes to this one, but usually you only go if you are leaving or being transferred!

Well that was pretty much our week! Can´t wait to chat it up with the fam! Love you all so much! Have a wonderful week, and I hope it snows over there! Not having a white Christmas is really weird... REALLY weird. Well see ya!

Elder Ward

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