Monday, December 22, 2014


Elder Ward and Elder Young - Photo sent to us from Hermano Gimenez


Missionary life is really just starting to become a blur now, I gotta start taking weekly notes or something.

But Anyway! This week we had transfers! And luckily me and my comp are not going anywhere! We are becoming pretty good buds! But the Hermanas that were in Lobos left and to get to the transfer meeting we had to sit in a taxi for 2 hours and I was the fortunate one to get the Hermana´s luggage on my lap.  It literally weighed like 90 pounds, so by the time we got to the office I could not feel my legs.  Luckily I was able to see all of my mission buds!  I got to see Elder Udall so that was super fun to see my papí! A papí is the person that does your training.   We had this awesome, massive Christmas party for transfers! We had a huge feast and then we listened to music and did a sing a long to a bunch of Yankee (that´s what Argentine´s call Americans, pronounced shankee) songs!  We listened to Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and I freaked out, but they started playing JINGLE BELL ROCK!!! It made me so happy. Then after all the fun we had an awesome devotional with some narrations and singing, and then we got to watch this movie called Ephriam´s Rescue, if you haven´t seen it I highly recommend it! It was super good and uplifting! And one of the actors went to Skyline and I totally know him! So that was kinda wierd.

But other then that nothing much has happened here in Lobos! But our investigators are going to be baptized this weekend on Saturday!!! I am so happy to finally have my first baptism! It´s going to be so awesome! It is going to be such an awesome day!! Can´t wait to finally have my first convert to this AMAZING gospel!! 

Love you all so much and I hope you have a super happy and joyful Christmas!! I´ll be praying that it doesn´t snow on christmas so Dad can be with the fam! Christmas with Dad there was always a million times better! But I have a challenge for all of you! Try to think more of Christ this week! Even if you are buying gifts, think of what the FIRST gift of Christmas was and the sacrifice he made for you! I just had to give a talk yesterday about Christmas, and it was awesome! It definitely helped me think more of Jesus Christ as I prepared that talk! So try to think more of Him, and share this wonderful message with somebody that probably doesn´t know about it or doesn´t have a strong testimony! That is the best way to think of him! I love you all so much! Have a SLPENDID Christmas!

Elder Ward

Photo sent to us from Hermana Olson with the caption - "My Favorite Elders!"

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