Monday, January 12, 2015


Ok so this week was just awwwwwwwesome!!! So we have 2 main people that we are working with right now... a couple and a 14 year old boy. So this week the couple came to church and also committed to be baptized on the 24th of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally so happy for them it is ridiculous. when we got back to the pench after the lesson that night I was just screaming and jumping around and man... I am just super happy for them, haha. And I am so glad they could get baptized while I was here in Lobos! 

The 14 year old boy is in a family of less actives. But his family went less active before he got baptized. And he wants to get baptized soooooooo bad. He is pretty much Joshie´s age and is super excited when we go visit him but he never reads the Book of Mormon, or comes to church, so now we have to help him realize the importance of those things in his life. and we are also working with the family too. And they are awesome! All of the kids just love us, so that´s definitely a plus! 

But yeah, that is all the pretty much happened this week! Aside from my bike just breaking every day! I have probably used like 1000 pesos on fixing that bike in the past month, haha so yea. The Rusty Stead strikes again. AND I GOT MY PICTURES TO WORK!!!! So i am gonna send a handful! Haha but i love everyone so much. Whoever reads this just know that you are a blessing in my life and i feel the prayers of all of you!! Have an awesome week!!! 

Elder Ward

 Me, Elder Young, Hermana Ramos and Hermana House (The Pack) Get it? we are all serving in Lobos and lobo means wolf yeah... it´s pretty funny
How are you feeling?  I hope better!!  Give me a health update.

No I am honestly feeling fine! I haven´t felt even a little sick in the past while, but I think my comp got what I got this last week, so I hope we never see it again because it´s passed through both of our systems!

So they made an announcement that there is going to be a new mission
starting July 1, 2015 - Buenos Aires East.  Have you heard anything about
that?  Will you be affected?

It depends, because there are 2 zones in my mission right now that will go to the new mission and if I am in those zones at the time of the change I will go to the new mission, but I am not worried, whatever happens will be the Lord´s way!

How are things going with your new companion?  Tell us about him.

He is awesome. I love this guy to death, he is from Oregon and was a freaking beast before his mission, he wrestled and went to the pros for MMA!  Like the fighting stuff! But yeah he´s super chill and is just an awesome missionary. and he is very old. After this transfer he only has 2 more left, so he´s coming up on the end of his mission!! Crazy!

Have you received any letters, cards, etc. from any of us?

Well I just don´t know yet because I haven´t been to the office yet. And I probably won´t receive them till transfers or something because of how far out we are. But I will definitely get them eventually! One of the secretaries said there was a lot of mail with the last name WARD on it so I am assuming that is it mine, haha

You have said how much you love your mission president.  Tell us about him and his family.

Hmm well not sure... They are just awesome! They do so much for the mission and it is just awesome! They have 2 kids that are living with them here and a daughter that just got back from Russia on a mission but yeah, I hope that I can be in the offices so that I can work with them more because they are just so awesome and just such a blessing to this whole mission! But yeah, haha

The Beautiful Argentine Flag

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