Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hello Family!!
Elder Carrion headed out for Mexico!  He was pretty excited to go, but he was sad to say goodbye to the people in this ward.  So now it is just me and Elder Funk.  We are getting along really well!

My District 

This week was great except for all of our bike problems, they seemed never ending.  One of my favorite things that happened this past week was The White Storm!  A White Storm (Tormenta Blanca) is when all the missionaries of a Zone go to one area on a day and they all go and do contacts, look for less actives, old investigators, and just a little bit of everything. It was so awesome. I went on division with a kid in the ward and we had a lesson in the morning.  My comp had a lesson with a guy that they gave a blessing, and wanted to be baptized that first lesson!! Then at night we found ANOTHER family that wants to get baptized! And it was a family of 9, so the elders of that ward were fairly content when we told them about that!!
White Storm

I went on divisions during this last week 4 times. It was super awesome!  We were able to get done so much more especially because there were 3 missionaries, so we just needed one guy from the elders quorum and we got double the stuff done.  This morning some Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door, and when we came outside they just left!! They didn't even stop to talk to us or share their message.  As soon as they saw our name tags they just bolted! It was pretty funny.  At least it is funny for a missionary, haha sorry if I am losing my sense of humor.

So a miracle that we had this week was definitely yesterday and I wasn't even there to witness it because I was with a member.  My companions found some guy in the street and decided that they needed to talk to him, and long story short he was thinking of committing suicide with a chain that he was holding in his hand.  A lot of things had been happening, his wife left him, he got fired, he never sees his kids and it is all because he is a alcoholic.  SO tonight we are going to go by to have a lesson with him and try to help him to have a little hope and give him a plan to help him stop drinking so he can be baptized and just the whole Sha-Bam. Just think what would have happened if my companions wouldn`t have talked to him. So when the spirit tells us something... I think we should follow that feeling! Because if we don`t it could have a HUGE Effect on the people around us.

So that was what happened this last week! I hope that you all had an amazing fast Sunday and that you have an even better December! One way to have a good Christmas is to share the gospel with people!!
Go to and share this video with a friend that isn`t a member and ask if they missionaries can go by! This is a month of Miracles! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!

Elder Ward

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