Monday, December 14, 2015


This last Saturday we had the "white storm" in a place called Cañuelas, and it is super super close to where I started my mission here in Argentina! LOBOS!!! It`s a 20 minute train ride to Lobos, so I was super tempted to go hop on that train to see how the branch over there is doing!! But that day it was seriously SOOOO HUMID. My companion and my faces were just soaked with sweat. The whole morning we were looking for old investigators and less actives and no one wanted to go outside to talk to us because it was so hot, haha. But then in the afternoon we were looking for a less active and we clapped a house to ask to see where the direction was, and we just asked them if we could come into their home like out of routine, and they said YES!! It was a family of 5, the parents, and their 3 kids. We taught the first lesson and it was SUPER powerful.  The mom and one of the daughters started crying when my comp was saying the 1st vision and at the end of the lesson they all accepted to be baptized in January... After the lesson I wanted to be the missionaries in the ward so bad!! The family was awesome! And I was so happy that I could have played just a little part in giving that family the gospel!!

We have been trying to go through and try and contact some old investigators and see if we have any luck. And at least 4 of 10 people we chose are listening to us again! We had a member of the Seventy talk to us and something he said that was really powerful was that ¨20% of your old investigators are ready to be baptized.¨ That was awhile back in the Gira Missional or Mission Tour. So we decided to apply it and we are having a ton of success! Obviously, because a promise of a servant of the Lord it is a promise of him ¨Whether it be my voice or the voice of my servents it is the same.¨
Things are great with Elder Funk.  He came out early from the MTC because he knew Spanish really well !  And probably because they couldn't to afford to keep him there... Because he is a BOTTOM LESS PIT!!! This kid does not stop eating! Sadly they don`t really give missionaries too much money to buy food, but yeah, he`s a skinny little guy but his metabolism is just off the charts!!  And he is just killing it, he has adapted really easily to the missionary life and is just always making goals to get better and always wanting to do his best for the Lord! HE'S AWESOME!

So that has been us this week Me and Elder Funk have given ourselves some new goals for this new transfer.  One thing we are going to do is we are going to chose a Christlike attribute each week and study and improve that attribute in our lives! That could also be a different challenge, chose a Christlike attribute for this week (you can find them in Preach my Gospel Chapter 6) and study it and try to improve it! It will really help us be able to be better disciples of Christ and appreciate more his example that he set for us!
I love my mission president!! He is very WISE. He was a religion teacher for the church at BYU- IDAHO for like 30 years.  He just knows so much stuff it`s crazy. His knowledge of the scriptures is just awesome.  I mean I have really loved all 3 of my mission presidents.  I just found out that the last transfer or 2 I will have another mission president! Wow! 4!! 

And discover why A Savior Was Born.

Love you all and hope you all have a good week!
Elder Ward

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