Monday, December 21, 2015


Ok so this week we had some MIRACLESSSSSSSSSS. We found an old investigator that wants to fast for a week to know if the Book of Mormon is true, Elder Funk was sick and I had to clean it up (miracle that I cleaned it up), we had some investigators at a live nativity, and this week is Christmas. AND IT IS SO HOT!!!

We got to know someone new. We had a lesson with her and really the missionaries stopped by to talk to the husband and the missionaries were going to baptize him but he died before he could get baptized.  His wife said that she never touched the Book or Mormon and never would. We taught about how the true church has been restored and at the end of the lesson out of nowhere she grabbed her big print bible, slapped it down on the table opened up to a random verse and read a verse that said something like ¨Don`t reject those that I send to you.¨ No idea where it said it, she never told us. But then she said that the Lord has spoken to her and that she really does need to read the Book of Mormon. I was just shocked. Haha I freaking love Heavenly Father!! HE IS AMAZING!!!

I think Elder Funk has been feeling a little stressed, because one night he threw up out of no where, and the next day he just looked terrible, but none the less he wanted to go out and work. WHAT A CHAMP! He is so awesome, he just really loves this work, I am so blessed to have such an awesome comp!!

The struggle is real - haha.  Elder Funk in Priesthood meeting

This Saturday we had to sing in a live nativity over at the stake center... It was really weird because I was sweating while watching the nativity... WHERE IS THE SNOW?!??! and out of no where some investigators showed up! We had invited them but they were very uncertain if they were going to go. We had to leave early but we called them after and they said they loved it! They felt so good being in the church and they can`t wait for the appointment we have tonight!! YAY FOR MIRACLES!! 

Tomorrow we are going to have a mission party with the zone and it will be pretty chill! Just a little activity and then we are going to meet the family of Pres. Thurgood!! It will be awesome! 

My companion and I have made a goal to make 130 contacts in 6 days.  Wish us luck!!

That just about sums up my week. I hope that you all enjoy your white Christmas and that you really remember WHAT Christmas is about.  If you didn`t see the videos yet I invite you YET AGAIN to see them, 

And when you see the videos share it with someone that needs this message of GREAT REJOICING! That A SAVIOR IS BORN.

It looks like I will be coming home on August 15th!! I talked to the President today so it is set in stone!!

Love you all!!

Elder Ward

p.s. hey so yeah wow there is a lot of snow, and man everytime I see Josh and Erin they look bigger every time!! IT NUTZZZ! And wow they did a gingerbread house together? Haha, without fighting? That would be a Christmas miracle! 

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