Monday, October 6, 2014


OK Well here we go!

The contents of my 1st package - Thanks Mom!!  I literally flipped!  My comp didn't understand why this cereal is so great....Oh, but it is that GREAT!

 So this week has been a good week. I met a ton of new people this week and was super excited to share the gospel with them! I forgot my weekly notes so this letter might not be the longest. We have a new investigator and he is literally a real life, fast and furious car racer. His car has 800 HP and has two huge tanks with NOS in it. Sadly I can't get a ride in it on the mission so I will have to say what's up after the mission. But he has actually been investigating the church for 12 YEARS!!! Super crazy, so I hope we finally get through to him and get him and his family baptized. 

In other good news I also had my first General Conference in the mission field!! 

Here's a quick little tender mercy of The Lord, up until the first talk the whole thing was in Spanish, which would have been terrible because I cannot understand hardly ANY Spanish, but right before the first talk, the audio cut out during the song and it flicked over to English. I was so happy and glad that it switched over or I wouldn't have gotten anything out of conference. But I had a ton of personal revelation and a lot of things that I felt applied to me.  I am very grateful for that.

This week was Elder Davidson's birthday, so we had some fun parties!! So yeah, that has very roughly been the life of Elder Ward the past week! 

Love you all!

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