Monday, October 27, 2014



So this is the biggest news of the week... I GOT MY VISA!!!! BOOYAH! I am super excited but I am also super sad, I've loved my time here in the "Great California Ventura Mission" and hope to come back someday! I have met so many nice people and they all have been so loving! And they all have been EXTREMELY patient with my Spanish! SO this week in my final week in Oxnard, in California and in the USA!!! I'm going to try to make it the best one! 
But this last week was fun! Lot of success and lots of fun time with the people here and the missionaries as well!

Our investigator was bashing me and Elder Davidson about the Word of Wisdom and stuff, we sadly didn't take our time in the lesson and listen to the spirit. In times like that it's really easy to pull out scriptures and tell them how they are wrong and be all up in their face! But they aren't going to have good memories about this church! I've learned that you always have to teach with love and patience! She then started to ask how we can even know which church is true, and it was a PERFECT set up to teach the Restoration, but sadly she had to go. WE WERE SO CLOSE! We also had another lady who is a less active and has pretty much denied all help from anyone in the ward and even heavenly help, but she still lets up come over and talk to her so hopefully she will progress.
Dragon Fruit
One of our less actives actually gave us some DRAGON FRUIT!!  Very cool fruit!! We also saw something on top of someones house... as we got closer we found out that it was a DINOSAUR! This was late at night and I could only get a picture of the shadow but it was super sweet, they were going all out for their Halloween decorations!
T-Rex on the Roof
Well I love you all and hope that you all have a lovely Halloween!!

Love, Elder Ward

P.S. Why does dad always have the best Halloween costumes? (No offense to  everyone else)

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